Hello, and welcome!

My name is Monika Labich and I am a coach and therapist with extensive experience in working successfully with people to:

  • Understand yourself as ND person

  • Relationship problems including abuse

  • In Work-related support

  • Self-esteem and confidence

  • Complex trauma

  • Specialising in drug and alcohol dependency, and coercive control

  • Solution-focused and strength-based coaching

I offer confidential 1-1 online coaching and therapy, in the UK and internationally, for neurodivergent and neurotypical individuals.

If you feel that any of these problems are affecting your life, please do contact me below to book a free 30-minute session to find out how I can help you

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About Me

I am a qualified therapist, with over ten years of experience working in the private sector and within the NHS, supporting people with substance misuse, relationship problems, self-esteem issues, unresolved present/past trauma, anxiety, domestic abuse, and work-related problems.
As a late-diagnosed autistic woman, I understand the relief, but also the confusion, that comes with receiving such diagnosis. Finding my autistic identity helped me to feel like me.  A lot of things started to make sense but there was so much more to figure it out.

Having post-diagnosis coaching and therapy has helped me to move from self-identification to acceptance of being autistic.

My style of coaching and therapy represents everything I stand for:
  • I believe in not giving up; if something is not working I keep looking for solutions until I find them.

  • Honesty; I will always be honest with you.

  • I am an "out of the box" thinker and a strong believer that humour is the vital ingredient to solving problems and facing the world.

  • I believe that people have an inner strength and the wisdom to turn their life around. Sometimes we need therapy to unlock this gift.

  • People don’t need fixing, we are all beautiful and unique.

  • My communication style is compassionate but also direct; if you’re expecting a gentle and fluffy approach, I might not be the right therapist for you.

I view therapy as a journey of exploration and discovery, but also a time when you can share your worries and doubts in a safe and confidential space.

Together we can untangle confusion and find answers.

If you’re looking for therapy in the UK or internationally, please use the "Contact Me"  form to book an intro session.

My Approach

I believe that coaching and therapy needs to be tailored to a client’s individual needs, therefore I do not limit my work to one specific therapy. I work with a Humanistic approach and I am qualified to Level 5 in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT).

During my sessions, I use Extended Brief Interventions, Motivational Interviewing, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, CBT, and I also practice within Trauma Informed Practice.

With a new perspective and understanding, you will find it easier to decide what to do next and find a positive way forward in your life adventures. 

 I recently featured on the Podcast "DIP In and Out with Lucy" where we talked about drug and alcohol dependency, and some of the similarities in how we view domestic abuse.

You can watch the full video on YouTube below:

Services & Fees

I specialise in offering 1:1 Coaching and Therapy sessions for both Neurodivergent and Neurotypical Adults, based both in the UK and Internationally.

30 minute discovery session – free of charge

50 minute individual session - £70

My service is confidential. I want you to feel comfortable and to be able to express yourself in any way you want in our sessions together.

For more information, please email monikalabichtherapy@gmail.com, or to book a discovery call with click below:

Contact Me

I would love to hear from you.

Please use the form to send me a message and request your  30-minute free of charge confidential intro session where we can discuss how I can help you and what you would like from our sessions.

Or, if you simply have a few questions you would like to me to answer, please do reach out to me.

I'm on LinkedIn as well, so feel free to have a look at my profile for more information 

Alternatively, if you would prefer to contact me via email, please send your message to monikalabichtherapy@gmail.com

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Client Testimonials

"I strongly recommend Monika as a therapist. Finding the right fit is critical and she is just that for me; her ability to  process information quickly, provide tangible solutions and mix this with empathy and even humour was a winning combination for me. 

I contacted Monika when I no longer felt I could cope and everything seemed to be going wrong at once. I couldn't see any path forward and seemed to be repeating the same stressful cycles and self-regulating with alcohol. Monika quickly identified the issues, helped me gain an understanding of my patterns and provided me with concrete tools to break the habits. 

Being a mother of two young kids and also a professional with a busy work life, I also particularly appreciate Monika's flexibility in hours as well as her patient-led approach of how often I chose to meet. Our sessions clicked from the start and continue to be effective as each week I felt like a load had been lifted off my shoulders; I feel heard and in control as she helps me navigate a path forward."

 - Client A 


"Alcohol addiction has always been a very big problem of mine. I have struggled to control the addiction, having seen many therapists for help. Personally, I did not want to give up alcohol and feared that may be the case. I was then recommended Monika, and I could not be more grateful that I was.

With her help not only have I been able to control my alcohol consumption, but I have also been able to reduce it, to a much healthier level. I now continue to see Monika for further therapy, to do with reasons for my addiction, and possible solutions to deep rooted issues.

I have to admit that Monika is better than I expected, and I can not thank her enough" 

- Client B 


"We work with Monika Labich because we know that when we refer to her, our neurodivergent clients benefit from her respectful, professional and honest approach.

Monika is a warm person whose humour shines through even when working in what can be a delicate subject. She is a talented and knowledgeable therapist.

We confidently refer to her for Alcohol Counselling and Monika is strong on Domestic Abuse also."

- Sara-Louse Acrkill @ Wired Differently 


 "I strongly recommend Monika as a therapist.  Finding the right fit is critical and she is just that for me; her ability to process information quickly, provide tangible solutions and mix this with empathy and even humour was a winning combination for me" .

- Client C


"Monika is supporting my son with addiction issues. For the first time in 6 years I felt listened to. Monika offered support and advice and gave my son and our whole family hope for the first time that support services are out there, and recovery is possible. Her knowledge and advice has meant more than you will ever know."

- Client D