Privacy Policy

It is sometimes necessary to store contact details of clients and the necessary information needed in order to work on their projects. All data is stored on a specific consent basis on a password protected laptop and a thumb print protected i-phone.

All data is backed up off-site (this is GDPR compliant).

Data is obtained through the website contact form, on emails and over the phone, or is retrieved from internet sites and is information that is therefore in the public domain.

No information about clients gets shared with any third parties at any time without client's prior consent (in the rare cases that sharing any client data would be necessary or desirable).

Contact information and notes relating to all Monika Labich Coaching and Therapy contacts and projects is kept for a total of 7 years after the final contact is made.

In order to access any information that is stored in your file, please contact Monika Labich in the first instance via the website contact form

If you wish for Monika Labich Coaching and Therapy not to contact you, please contact Monika Labich via the website contact form. Thank you.

Acceptable Use Policy

This website is intended to advertise the Services of Monika Labich Coaching and Therapy, and to be a means for potential clients and collaborators to get in contact. 

No content or ideas contained herein are to be reproduced or copied in any way without the express written permission of Monika Labich. Advertising for the service is conducted on social media, face to face and by email except where this is not allowed or has not been consented to.

This site contains no adult content and is deemed suitable for people over the age of 16 (EU) or 13 (UK and nominally rest of world, although there may be exceptions to this I am not aware of).

This site does not currently host a forum or blog and therefore does not invite comments from external people on content etc., If and when it does this policy will be amended to incorporate the fact.

Terms of Business

Monika Labich Coaching and Therapy exists to support neurodivergent and neurotypical individuals who are affected by substance misuse and their relationship problems, self-esteem issues, unresolved present/past trauma, anxiety, domestic abuse, and work-related problems

Monika Labich works with clients Worldwide and adheres to British Law in her Practice regardless of where clients are based in the World. 

Sessions will be carried out 100% virtually and during office hours, or at specific times. 

Agreed communication outside of scheduled sessions will be via email. Please do not send anything session related via social media platforms.

Payment Terms

Payment details will be provided in the therapy agreement.

Prepayment will be necessary 48 hours in advance to guarantee the booking. Otherwise, Monika Labich Coaching and Therapy reserves the right to cancel the session.


All clients are required to give 48 hours notice if they wish to cancel or reschedule a booking. After this time the full fee will be required.


Monika Labich is registered with the ICO as a Data Controller and has a GDPR policy. Details available on request.


Monika Labich Coaching and Therapy holds Professional Indemnity insurance with Holistic Insurance Services underwritten by Newline Syndicate 1218 at Lloyd’s.